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XPS13 charger sloshed around in energy drink for a half hour

My fully waterproof bag ended up getting filled with half a litre of energy drink for about half an hour today, with my laptop charger within. I submerged it in water and noticed that no air bubbles came out of the charger, so I'm hoping that means that fluids can't get inside anyway.

I'm wondering if anyone knows how risky it would be to try using the charger on my laptop, after say 48h had passed to allow the charger to dry? I'd rather just replace the charger if there was a risk of frying the laptop.

Also, would it damage the charger to leave it on or near my radiator to dry?

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Re: XPS13 charger sloshed around in energy drink for a half

It might work, but I would not advise it. No air bubbles came out may also mean the charger is already full of liquid. If it were mine, I would count it as a life lesson and replace the adapter. For the cost of an adapter are you willing to risk the price of replacing the laptop should the adapter damage it?

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