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Xps l702x power/post issue

Our Dell XPS L702X started having  a progressively worse time booting.

(Yes, this happened in midst of Win 10 recent major update.)

Sometimes the laptop was able to boot into win 10 desktop but normally it could only get through post . Then no post or boot, nothing but a blinking power button.

The next day I was able to get laptop to boot into windows by reinserting batttery, removing flea power.  But the laptop never could  reboot after "shutting down".

Today  reinserting battery doesn't work.The power button is no longer blinking instead only flashes briefly when pushed?

Pushing button on the battery lights all 5 LED lights. Does tbis mean the battery is good?

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the Dell Community  @twoplanters 

Press the button on the battery and hold it down.

It will flash one time and go out then it should flash again.

First flash is for % of charge,

Second flash is for the "Health" of the battery.

1 light = 0-20% 2 lights=20-40% 3 lights=40-60% 4 lights=60-80% 5 lights=80-100%

Have you tried removing the AC, Main battery and the RTC/BIOS battery???

Then connect only the AC and power-on for a few seconds.

Remove the AC and reconnect the RTC/Battery.

Then try powering on again.

XPS 17 (L702x) Service Manual:


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Thanks for your suggestions regarding my XPS L702x startup/power button problem.

I have removed battery, AC connector, flea memory, and reinstalled but this rarely seems to work.

Yet, yesterday my FIRST power button push led to a complete boot into Win 10 desktop (AC adaptor not connected). No luck today so far.

Once "shut  down" within Windows  the laptop will not restart because the power button must be pushed. The laptop returns to a state where power button only flashes briefly when pushed

However, in Windows,  selecting "restart" will reboot the PC because the power button does NOT need to be pushed.

Depressing and holding the battery button causes one flash but there was no second flash.

A quick battery button push shows 5 lit up lights (81_100%) but Dell diagnostic did find some sort of problem with the 10 year old battery.

What is the RTC/BIOS battery? Can't find any mention the manual. Is it the same as the coin battery?

Under "power button options"  mine is set to "hibernate". Should it be set to "off" or another option, ?


Yes the coin battery is the BIOS/RTC battery.

First go into the BIOS and make note of the the HDD configuration.

Then go through the steps to disconnect the "BIOS/RTC/Coin" battery.



How do I get into BIOS with a faulty power button/circuit?

Check the HDD config.?

Removing the coin battery requires removing optical drive among other things so I'll probably relay your ideas to a laptop repair shop.

Thanks for your time.




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