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dell xps 9365 performance


Iam interested about the dell xps 9365 but iam worried about how it would perform. after reading many reviews and watching many videos it seems that they all agree on its lag in performance. i got the macbook 12 inch 3 years ago and it was a horrible decision and i almost didn't use it at all. iam a civil engineering student and i got the laptop to use it for some engineering programs like etabs, safe, etc.. it happened that the macbooks are not compatible with such programs and i ended up suffering not being able to use it for anything. now i want to change it and im considering the xps 9365 however im worried about its performance and i don't want to make the same mistake. so would the xps9365 handle etabs and other softwares or will it have problems?

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Re: dell xps 9365 performance

Hi @ali.k ,


I currently use an XPs 13 9365 for work and it's not great from a performance perspective. I'm a manager, so I mostly work out of Outlook and Excel these days, nothing fancy and it performs badly on those things so I would look at a different option.

The model I have is an i7 8th Gen, but it's a mobile processor essentially so not very powerful. To give you an idea, it has no fans built in, so gets quite hot and performs quite badly. 😞

Hope that helps!

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