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RecoverPoint generating IO

All, I've just deployed 2 x XIO clusters (4 brick, running 4.0.2-80), which are using RPA (4.4) for remote replication.

having created a 5Tb test LUN, which I've replicated to the other cluster (using IP), I can see the snapshot being updated every 60 seconds as expected, however I have noticed that the repository LUN on both the local and remote clusters are constantly running at approx. 5,000 IOPS.

There is the only 1 data LUN on each cluster and is not presented to a host, so no IO is happening. There is a single 10Gb journal LUN created for the CG. With no changes happening on the test LUN, would we expect the repository to be constantly updated with snapshot meta-data? Will this increase when additional LUNS are replicated?



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