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Space reclaim utility for windows 2008R2


Does anyone have a utility or the win2K8 R2 commands to reclaim space when data is deleted from an XtremIO LUN.

We have a number of test servers on which we are deleting and recreating DB's every few weeks and so far the only way to keep on top of the white space is to completely delete the LUNs and recreate them. This is not a problem at the minute but very soon the array will also host production DB's and then our change control will make things a bit more complicated.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Space reclaim utility for windows 2008R2

Hi DJ,

The sdelete tool is an option. It will zero out the empty space in an NTFS filesystem, which will then be reclaimed by XtremIO, due to the fact that XtremIO doesn't write 8k contiguous blocks of zeros. Note, if these are virtualized Windows machines, you may need to do a reclaim at the VMFS datastore level as well -- which can be done manually with vmkfstools, or via the VSI plugin. Itzik has a blog post about this here:

Hope that helps,

- Sean

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Re: Space reclaim utility for windows 2008R2

Space reclamation tools for various operating systems (including Windows) is discussed in the XtremIO Host Configuration Guide. This is available on the EMC Support site. Have you taken a look at that?

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Re: Space reclaim utility for windows 2008R2

If you want to automate you can give a try with raxco perfectstorage

PerfectStorage - Automatically Reclaim Space on Thin-Provisioned Disks

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