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May 2nd, 2023 04:00

Inspiron 7710 AIO - After shutdown network card led will be off and WOL not working

Hello dear community,

unfortunately I can't get the WOL to work on the new/current Inspiron27 7710 aio. During shutdown the network card is switched off and is therefore not accessible to accept a Magicpac.

I have noticed that the new/current Inspiron27 7710 aio has received a new BIOS.
For you info it's not my first Inspiron27 I'm running and trying to configure the WOL.

The following settings have been done so far without success:

- Has been updated with new firmware
- Deep Sleep option is disabled
- WOL only enabled for LAN

Power options:
- Quick Start is disabled

TCP/IP - settings WINS
- NetBios over TCP/IP disabled

Device manager (network card)
- Driver updated/current version installed
- Power management
- Computer can turn off the device to save power - enabled
- Device can activate the computer from sleep mode - enabled
- Advanced
- Energy Efficient Ethernet - disabled
- Green Ethernet - disabled
- Shutdown Wake-On-Lan - enabled
- Wake on Magic package - enabled
- Wake on pattern match - enabled
- WOL & Shutdown Link Speed - 10 Mbps First

Can someone please help me out here or have another idea what else I could do?

Thanks a lot for the help!
Best regards

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