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November 6th, 2023 20:28

What is Soar with Mentor?

Soar with MENTOR is a program developed for post-secondary students to inspire, educate, and equip a cohort of select female identifying students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be successful in life, and possibly at Dell Technologies in the future. We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in all organizations and believe that providing development and mentorship opportunities to female post-secondary students will help assist in the future success of these students.

Dell Technologies Vision (Edu) - Enabling our communities, schools, and government agencies to build a better future for all individuals to reach their full potential.

Women in Action Mission (WIA)Build an inclusive community that provides development, leadership, and networking opportunities designed to empower, retain and attract women.

Our Why: 
  • Both STEM and Businesswomen are sought-after in the job market, with demand growing 3X the North American average.

  • Less than a quarter of technology roles are held by women, and that number is declining.

  • Women constitute 50% of the overall workforce and only 25% of the Technology workforce.

Program Objectives
  • Support diversity and inclusion initiatives within post-secondary institutions and organizations in STEM and business related fields

  • Through mentorship, create a female-centric ecosystem to increase interest and confidence in STEM and business related fields.

  • Develop career readiness skills to thrive in a fast-paced and changing world.

Sessions include:
  • Career Readiness Keynotes

  • What’s Happening in Tech Today

  • “Mentor Speed Networking”

The Role of the Mentor

Mentors provide guidance to enhance their mentee’s professional development. Working in a supportive partnership, mentors offer their mentee the benefit of their experience and resources 

  • Understand what skills and capabilities your mentee is looking to develop

  • Share your story and your experience

  • Build a confidential safe zone that includes honest and direct feedback for the mentee.

The Role of the Mentee

Mentees take an active role in their development by understanding what skills they are looking to develop and bringing relevant work to their mentors for guidance.

  • Help your mentor understand what skills and capabilities you are looking to develop
  • Be specific with your questions. Relate them to current work/projects to your mentor to gain feedback and advice 
  • Ask specific questions that relate to your development
  • Build a two-way relationship and expect to learn from each other 

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