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December 3rd, 2023 06:51

Aurora R10, rebar not functioning

Alienware r10 5 5600x 3070 Rebar is not functioning it is enabled on the BOIS but is still showing as disabled in system information and every other piece of software I check with.

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December 3rd, 2023 15:59

Maybe the 3070 lacks of VBIOS to support Rebar.  The firmware was available at one point then it was pulled.  See the comments at this thread

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December 3rd, 2023 17:10

If it's an OEM 3070 to my understanding they never released a VBIOS to update the card to include REBAR. Besides motherboard BIOS support you also need VBIOS support.

This is the latest available BIOS update for the 3000 series cards: 3000 series VBIOS

If you have that one already, and you have no REBAR, than the VBIOS does not support REBAR on the 3070.

If you don't have that VBIOS but an older one, you can flash your video card with it but be very careful as there's no recovery option available should the flash fail.


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