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November 30th, 2023 23:04

Aurora R15 went off randomly and won’t come back on

My pc randomly shut down last week. I’ve contacted Dell there doing the normal horrific customer support and taking 48 hours to respond I will never touch a Dell product for the rest of my life and I suggest you don’t either but after it shut off I turned it back on the fans spin the lights turn on for a second and they flash my custom color and the whole system turns off and it constantly starts restarting itself. Before you say send it for parts there not available until February and I use my computer for work and I’ve had for 38 days since submitting ticket and they can’t do a replacement without 4 tiers of approval which is disgusting because it’s past 30 days. So I’m looking for a temp fix so I don’t lost my job. 

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December 1st, 2023 05:04

Firstly, they will only replace within the first 30 days. This is standard practice, not just for Dell. If they are saying that they can't repair your system until February then that really isn't acceptable so you should ask to escalate your issue with their supervisor. They should at least send a tech out to you to help diagnose the issue further. 

Does the power button flash white or amber?

It almost sounds like it's in a RAM boot loop. Have you upgraded the RAM recently or made any changes in the BIOS? Overclocking, etc?

I'd suggest to remove the RAM and unplug the mains power. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds to drain the residual system power. Then try one RAM stick at a time to see if anything changes. 

Also, I will move this thread over to the Alienware Desktop section as you may get more assistance from the community there. 

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December 1st, 2023 17:31

If you have not recently made any changes to your system, or added any new hardware, the easiest thing to try is a Coin cell battery removal/insertion Just wait 30 second between removal and putting it back in place.

Coin cell

Also, are there any amber light flashes on the power status light?

System Diagnostic Lights

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December 2nd, 2023 01:56

My R10 Ryzen 9 had this same issue last weekend.  Dell Support Assist notified me of a "critical bios update".  The update was performed without issue.  The next day I powered on my computer......No POST, just automatic reboots with 2, 1 (system board failure) trouble lights.  I did buy the extended warranty and contacted Dell.   Dell sent a "computer technician" to replace the motherboard with a refurbished motherboard which according to the tech "could be bad as well".  My $3700 every day workstation, a little over a year old, is now bouncing around on a FedEx truck on it's way to Houston.  Phone tech support advised a12 business day turnaround should be expected, I'm not confident that this time frame is realistic. I'm also concerned about what other major components that I purchased new, will be swapped out with questionable, refurbished parts.  I had a Velocity Micro gaming system and the Aurora R10  narrowed down to my final two choices when I purchased my dream system.  I went with Alienware (Dell).  I hope my dream does not turn into a nightmare. 

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