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March 16th, 2024 15:00

15 R2, WiFi dropping

For the past month or two my WiFi has been continually dropping. When I click on the WiFi connection it looks good but when I try to open browser pages the page won't open and it says I'm not connected. Same with a different browser. Restarting the computer fixes the problem but it only lasts half hour to maybe an hour or two. I updated the Killer card to an Intel 9260 a few years ago so decided to replace it. Still had the same problem with the new card. After 4 days the new card died and was no longer recognized by the device manager. I put the old card back in. I'm using the lastest driver. I don't know what else to do? Any help would be much appreciated.

11 Posts

March 16th, 2024 15:04

Forgot to say that everything else on the network is working.

The network diagnostic tool cannot find a problem.

I've checked the power management setting and it is not ticked.

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