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April 9th, 2024 09:45

AW768, AWCC version 6 issues

The Alienware Command Center v6 is experiencing issues detecting my Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard – AW768. Although it can detect both my 2 Alienware monitors and 1 mouse, it fails to detect the keyboard, preventing me from changing the lights. This problem arose only after upgrading to Version 6; I did not initiate the update, as it was pushed by Windows 11 Updates. I kindly request assistance in resolving this issue at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

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April 9th, 2024 15:06

To receive assistance from Dell support agents they need to first verify the ownership and warranty status. Click the blue "Get Help Now" on the right to start a private live chat session. Share the private Alienware monitors Service Tags and the AW768 Dell order number with them.

For our users to assist, post back and tell them what the specific Alienware monitors you have there.

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