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April 15th, 2024 04:31

m15 R4, screen hinge issue

I recently purchased an m15 R4 used that I'm really enjoying but have already had an issue with the screen hinge. The hinge looks like it came disconnected from the left side of the laptop from the body panel behind the screen. The screen still works fine and it looks like the entire screen assembly is sold with the backplate and hinge together. I tried tightening the screens from the hinge to the backplate but they never tighten so it seems the backplate that the screws thread into may be stripped? It doesn't make sense to replace my entire screen assembly as my 4k oled still works. From my searches I didn't really find the screen backplate. I even considered using a small amount of epoxy between the screen and hinges but figured I'd ask for suggestions here first. What is my best course of option to reattach the hinge to the screen backplate. Thank you in advance.

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May 7th, 2024 12:03

Sadly I offer no solutions, however I have the same issue.  I bought Slightly larger screws  M3x4 and some loctite, ended up working for a week then it didn't.  Overall I'm the same boat as you seems they don't sell that back plate thescrews mount into. 

Will add here if I find a solution tho 

Okay okay some good news,  after a few hours of looking. You can buy the very mask most part of the screen (the part with the alien logo) on eBay for about $60usd NEW and comes with fresh screw mounts. Ima but one in a sec and update in 2 ish weeks.

Below was the search 

"New LCD Back Cover Upper Case Black 0VGKFM VGKFM For Dell Alienware M15 R4"


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