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March 13th, 2024 05:40

m15 R7, indicates 5% charge, but is running and is at 100%

I’ve had my laptop for about 17 months at this point. It’s an m15 R7. It has recently began to give me a problem. I’ve searched everywhere, but I don’t see anyone else having the same issue as me (I believe). From what I’ve been able to gather, my m15 R7 is trying to tell me that it’s running on battery(?) or is at 5% charge (flashing red, then turning off, then red again, etc.). It would turn back to green for a minute or so then, and begin flashing red again. This issue just started yesterday, and the last time it happened (about a month ago), I just restarted it and it returned to normal. The thing is, even though it’s telling me it’s low on charge, it’s at 100% and the charger is connected (which I can tell both from the blue light at the back of the laptop, and the charging sigil on the battery sign at the bottom right of the screen). The m15 R7 also works fine—the only thing the flashing red light is doing is giving me severe FPS drops every time it flashes, and occasionally shuts my m15 R7 down, after which I’m usually able to simply start it up again and do the same process over again. I’m unsure as to what the issue really is?

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