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March 19th, 2024 05:21

m18 R2, out of the box temperature readings, 4080 GPU

I'm really after some feedback from others who have this laptop.

Do you seem to get hot CPU temp's (+70c) with 20% or less utilization?  Game being Helldivers 2. res is 1920 and fps capped at 60 with setting on high / medium

(alienware command centre record)

4080 gpu


32Gb RAM

Odd, just seems like I have to lower all the settings to stop it from sounding like its going to take off.

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May 7th, 2024 06:33

I got my m18r2 about two weeks ago and have it on a cooling fan pad. Cpu temp seems to stay around 70c to 80c with doing light tasks. I think its pretty normal for that cpu temp i guess on this machine. No temp issues with the GPU.

I have played HD2 and Jedi Survivor on max settings and CPU gets around 85c but really not higher.

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