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April 16th, 2024 14:56

x15 R1, fried for the second time

Hello, I have had this laptop for a little under 3 years. Last year I was playing video games. The laptop got hot. I turned it off. When I pressed the power button it would not turn back on. I sent it into Dell to be fixed. It was $62.54 for express service + $239.91 for a replacement motherboard and labor cost.

Last night I was running 2 virtual machines on the laptop while it was sitting on my desk. I walked away from my computer, came back and the machines were too slow and the laptop was hot. So I closed out of the VMs and on a whim started up a video game. The laptop immediately shut down and would not turn back on. I called Dell support services today and we walked though the support desk steps and it still would not turn back on. The Dell service rep said that I would need to bring the laptop into Dell and pay whatever it cost to get this fixed. I don’t want to have to pay Dell $300 every time I fry my laptop. I was not covering any of the fans. I would think that the laptop should power down safely if it overheated. The laptop was running stock as it was shipped from Dell. I did not tune it or overclock it in any way.

Please help :)

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April 16th, 2024 16:34

The warranty on repairs through Dell is 90 days or the remainder of the system warranty, whichever is longer.  If the repair is out of warranty, there are repairers that will warrant repairs for a year -- in the US, is one of them.  Short of that, if they'll allow you to purchase a warranty extension (which likely will be the cost of the repair or more), you can ask for a price on that through Dell.

The system will throttle back if the temperature rises too high, but there's only so many cycles of heating -- more specifically overheating -- a system can take before something fails.

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May 14th, 2024 13:02

This is not a good machine. Bought in Aug 2022. Now in for third repair. SSD got fried. Few months later keyboard broke. Had has cooling issues but did not yet fry motherboard until possibly now. Its in for third repair wont power up. First two were within 1 yr and DELL warranty covered. Currently its in with Asurion as I bought one of those extended warranties for 4 years which I never do. Two weeks in the shop and as yet no resolution. I bought a cheap back up laptop for general use since the Alienware is <Profanity is never needed nor allowed on our Forum. DELL-Admin>. Cant game with it but I can do all needed work so for me thats an added cost. Once this has run its course I will never by a DELL alienware again. Maybe no DELL period.


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