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February 9th, 2022 18:00

EMC VNX 5600 add new hard disk to empty slot in the same Disk array enclosure

Hi all,

I have emc vnx5600 and i have empty slots for the new drives. this empty new drives i had inserted the new drives into those empty slots in the same Disk Array Enclusore (DAE). The entire disk has configured to use RAID 5 (4+1) I want to make use of those newly inserted drive. can anyone help me with steps to do this? Much appreciated with your help.



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February 10th, 2022 12:00

Hello Aquino Mota,

What you will need to do is to insert the drives into the empty slots.  Once the drives are inserted then you will need to login to unisphere and select your VNX 5600.  Once you have selected your system then you will need to go to the drives & make sure that all drives are green and online.  Once drives are online then you will need to go to your lun and right click, & you should see an option to expand lun.

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