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December 4th, 2023 05:11

Dell Compellent Product Global status is critical.

Hi Team, we got the "Dell Compellent Product Global status is critical" alert from monitoring tool. Can anyone let us know this alert where we need to check in the Dell Compellent SC_8000 Storage and how to fix this alert.

Thank you,



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December 4th, 2023 12:04

Hi, I can't tell you I'm a Compellent expert. So let's see how our community will contribute. But a few things

Check the Enclosure Status: SC8000 Enclosure-1 was in a critical state, but if all the components in the Storage and Hardware tabs were fine. If you’re seeing a similar situation, it might be a false alarm.

Initiate Phone Home: Have you initiated a phone home recently? This action could yield additional insights into the problem.

Verify Upgrades: Were there any recent upgrades performed on your SC8000 or any connected host when the error occurred? This could be a potential source of the problem.

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December 4th, 2023 14:05


I have some Compellent experience (40 Units in the field over all the years) but i have no clue what the OP means with "Dell Compellent Product Global status" and which monitoring tool. If a Compellent have a problem the Admin starts its DSM Client and connect to the DataCollector/Enterprise Manager or to the Cluster IP of the SC and check whats going wrong.  The Dashbord will tell you and within the Hardware tab the colored bulps will guide you.

A rescent SC will also offer a WebGUI named Unisphere.  The SC8000 comes in late 2012 into the market an i have some doubt if there is Dell support left even when its one of the latest modells shipped.



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04-12-2023 02:28 PM

Hi Joerg, thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. 

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December 4th, 2023 20:09

I took a look into my crystal ball.....  within the SNMP MIB for the Compellent there is a "Dell Compellent Product Global status" metric. I expect a third party tool  like PRTG or HPE Insight or maybe Dell OME if you import the MIB.

But again ... using DSM is the way to go now.


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December 5th, 2023 21:47

OP is talking about the SNMP result for productIDGlobalStatus.

For reference

we can see at page 16, the productIDGlobalStatus. It returns '3' when system is OK, 4 for Non-critical and 5 for Critical. Like you said, SNMP monitoring systems (prtg, nagios, zabbix, etc) can monitor Compellent from this.

On our side, we got the value '5' (critical state) when a server was offline/disconnected. DSM is also showing the unit in error state. We completely removed/delete the servers/mappings. Under DSM, status was back to green but on the SNMP side, productIDGlobalStatus was still at 5 (for a few days).

In our case, we got back the productIDGlobalStatus to '3' (which is OK) by going to Storage Center settings, SNMP Server, stop and restart the SNMP service.


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