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January 30th, 2023 09:00

Brocade SNMP Engine ID

Hi all

I am currently working on setting up SNMPv3 alerting on our Brocade SAN switches - after setting 
SNMP Informs Enabled to true i see there is an Engine ID field.

Is the Engine ID a unique identifier for each switch? Or can we use the same Engine ID for all switches? (type, model, FOS version, etc) - how do we know what to set the engine id to?

I can't seem to find much documentation online on how to configure this engine ID so any help or insight will be appreciated.


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January 30th, 2023 23:00


suggest to use the WWN of the switch 

You can find In the description for the SNMP engine ID in the Brocade Fabric OS MIB reference manual.

Extract below:


A specially formatted SnmpEngineID string for use with the Entity MIB.

If an instance of an object with syntax SnmpEngineIdOrNone has a non-zero length, then the object encoding and semantics are defined by the SnmpEngineID textual convention. (Refer to RFC 2571 for details.)

If an instance of an object with syntax SnmpEngineIdOrNone contains a zero-length string, then no appropriate SnmpEngineID is associated with the logical entity (that is, SNMPv3 is not supported).

  • For other switches, the snmpEngineID takes the WWN. For example, if the WWN value is 10:00:00:05:1e:35:d5:ee,

the snmpEngineID displays (hex).

  • If the WWN cannot be taken, the snmpEngineID takes the IP address plus the port number along with the private enterprise number and algorithm type used. An example of this type of snmpEngineID would be (hex).


And for the official standard you can find under:



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February 16th, 2023 21:00

Thanks Ed! This helped a lot!

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