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July 27th, 2023 00:00

WD15 docking station not working


I Have WD15 docking station with Latitude 5300 laptop and two monitors.It had been working fine. Suddenly it stopped working.

Have following observations:

- there is a light on adapter when connected to power

- There is a light on docking station when connected to power

- when I try to connect USB-C to laptop nothing happens (and no light on the thunderbolt symbol)

- when I try to connect to different laptop it make sound (of connecting device) but nothing happens

- other connected devices like mouse or keyboard do not seem to have power when connected to docking station while docking station is connected to power.


Have tried several times to restart docking station by completely disconnecting it from power source for some time. Didnt help.

Appreciate any thoughts on the case.

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