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May 15th, 2023 08:00


Do you know how to integrate NAS systems with PowerProtect Data Manager?

If you've used PowerProtect Data Manager before, you probably know that a focus has been made to make most operations very straightforward and simple to perform.  Adding a NAS appliance is no different, it's a simple as:

  1. Enabling and adding your NAS asset sources
  2. Discovering the NAS assets
  3. Adding the NAS protection engine
  4. Setting up your policies.

As with anything though there are considerations and best practices to follow.  To make it as easy as possible, the new course: Dell PowerProtect Data Manager NAS Integration will take you step by step through every detail. 


Are you protecting NAS appliances with PowerProtect Data Manager in your environment?  I'd love it if you'd share your tips and recommendations below! 

You can also Click here to check out the new NAS integration course. 


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