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08-03-2023 03:00 AM

DDBoost RMAN Agent redirected restore not working

Need to do redirected restore of Oracle DB to another Oracle server.

Using DDBoost Application Agent 19.8.

But not working: always getting  "Could not locate backup piece ...  for client

There are KB's for Networker, Netbackup, Avamar for redirected restore via DDBoost RMAN. Typically with some extra CLIENT parameter in the RMAN script that needs to point to the original client from where the backlup was done.

But I cannot find such a parameter for DDBoost RMAN Agent.

We could also try DDBoost RMAN Agent 19.8 instead of DDBoost Application Agent 19.8 but I don't think it wil make a difference because nowhere in the docs is redirected restore mentionned.

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