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February 22nd, 2024 17:31

Dell OME 3.10.2

Hi. We have an Dell OME instance and multiple datacenters in multiple world locations.

We were able to do a succesfull discovery, add servers to inventory, run idrac commands, connect from OME to consoles - almost everything except a firmware upgrade.
We tried both options - CIFS and HTTPS.

When trying CIFS we are getting:

RunningVerifying if the device Service Tag is valid.The device Service Tag is valid.Starting communication with the device.Checking LC-Service stateChecking Remote Services availabilityRemote Service is ready.Initiated Update Job for DCIM:INSTALLED#741__BIOS.Setup.1-1 with JobId (JID_086440755777)Job status for JID_086440755777 is FailedMessage: Mount of remote share failed.Message ID: RED016Deleting the job queueDelete Job Queue was successfulDeleted Job Id:JID_086440755777Task Failed. Completed With Errors.

when trying HTTPS:

Remote Service is ready.Initiated Update Job for DCIM:INSTALLED#701__NIC.Integrated.1-1-1 with JobId (JID_086403394194)Initiated Update Job for DCIM:INSTALLED#741__BIOS.Setup.1-1 with JobId (JID_086403417578)Job status for JID_086403394194 is FailedMessage: Unable to transfer the file because initial network connection to the remote host server is not started.

what are the actual requirements for TCP/UDP and ports for both upgrade procedures - source-destination(port)?



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February 23rd, 2024 02:47

Hello! Thanks for choosing Dell and welcome to our community.


Please check the following

For OME 3.10.2, the iDRAC firmware versions should be at the following versions


iDRAC9 All 14G, 15G and 16G PowerEdge servers: iDRAC 5.10.xx.xx and later versions iDRAC7: For the12G PowerEdge servers with iDRAC7 — 2.65.xx.xx and later versions. iDRAC8: For the13G PowerEdge servers with iDRAC8 — 2.70.xx.xx and later versions. NOTE: Ensure that Express or Enterprise licenses are available to perform firmware updates


This information can be found at the following support matrix, page 25


If the iDRAC firmware versions are below the mentioned versions, please update the iDRAC firmware manually and then try remaining firmware updates from OME.


In regards to the ports that needs to be opened for CIFS share, please find the user guide below, page 26 which gives details of all the ports in and out that needs to be open for CIFS share as well as HTTPs share.






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