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November 22nd, 2023 05:58

Problem with old T 620 Servers together with newer Servers in an Baseline

Hello , 

I created an Baseline called Video Server . 

In this Baseline are newer R30 Server but also some old T620 Server . 

As Catalog for this Group i choose the actual catalog . 

But in this Catalog there are since 12 2022 no more T620 Servers integrated . 

Now my Baseline shows me some Servers in green but the T620 Servers in gray . 

Is it possible to Download the Catalog from 12.2022 which contains the T620 Server and add the Catalog to my Baseline , so that the T620 Servers shown as green ? 


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November 27th, 2023 09:51

Hello Michael,

yes, there is an option.

You can
-download the latest SUU image which supports the Gen 12 servers. (SUU-WIN64_22.11.200.513 ?)
-extract this to a network share
-crate a new repository in OME based on this network share
-create a baseline for this repository


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