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September 14th, 2023 13:25

Why appears some Windows Server with the FQDN and others only with the Hostname under the Name Field in OME ?

Hello , 

Some of my Servers appears with the FQDN under the (Host)Name Field of the Server and others appear only with her Hostname . 

Can someone explain me what can be the reason for this behaviour . 


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October 22nd, 2023 12:49

I had the wrong host name showing up on some devices because OME does not appear to do a straight DNS lookup when resolving names.  It appears to do a reverse lookup of the IP address.

I finally got my console to show the correct host name by gong under Application Settings - Console Preferences - Discovery settings and setting General Device Naming to DNS and Server Device Nameing to iDRAC Host Name.  Then I double checked my DNS Server's reverse lookup for my zone and made sure the IP was pointing to the right host.

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