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October 8th, 2023 08:30

How can find out disk is second hand or new

How can find out my replaced disk is new or second hand via uemcli on unity ? Is there any option to show it ? such as lifetime or .... ?

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October 9th, 2023 09:53

You can check for specific attributes or information related to the disk drive. While there might not be a specific "new" or "second-hand" label, you can look at certain indicators:

  • Serial Number: Check the disk's serial number; new drives typically have unique serial numbers not associated with prior use.
  • Drive Age: Look for information about the drive's manufacturing date or age. New drives should have recent production dates.
  • Drive Health: Examine the drive's health status and SMART data for signs of wear or usage.
  • Vendor Resources: Consult your storage vendor's documentation or support for specific guidance on identifying new or refurbished drives.

However, here's an example of how you might use UEMCLI to gather some of this information (commands may vary depending on your specific Unity model and firmware version):

uemcli -d <device_id> -u <username> -p <password> -noHeader -batch \
'storageResource show -detail -l <lun_id>'

In this command, replace <device_id>, <username>, <password>, and <lun_id> with your specific values. 


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October 10th, 2023 08:23


Thanks. But I want to find out it by using uemcli command . I am using unity 600 and that command does not work

"uemcli -d IP_ADDRESS -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD  -noHeader -batch storageResource show -detail"

Is there any specific command that I can find my drive age or disk uptime or disk has used before that ?

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October 16th, 2023 09:33

@babsdn,​ I am not sure there is any specific command that can provide information about the age of a hard drive, disk uptime, or how much a disk has been used before, but there are some UEMCLI commands that can provide information about the disks in a Unity array, 

for instance, commands like 

smartctl --all /dev/sdc  -used to get the total running time of a hard disk on a Linux system

smartctl --all | grep -i power_on_hours -used to get the number of operating hours for a hard drive using the smartmontools package


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