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April 21st, 2024 18:17

Docking Station - Which One?

 I have a Dell Latitude 7490 and I've just been sent a Dell XPS for use at my new job. I want to buy a couple of external monitors and thought the best thing to do would be to buy a docking station so that I can easily switch between the two laptops by unplugging one and plugging the other (so I'd have just one cable from the docking station to the laptop, and that same cable would be switched between the two laptops) - that way I can use the two monitors, one keyboard and one mouse on both laptops.

Where I'm stuck is compatibility. The monitors I thought to buy are the Dell E1916HV VESA. I note that it says that they have VGA connectivity, and I don't know how that affects the docking station I need to buy.

I was looking at the Dell Thunderbolt Dock WD19TBS docking station - would that work with the monitors above and the two Dell laptops? If not, what should I be looking for to buy the right docking station for my setup? Or should I be looking at different external monitors? 

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April 21st, 2024 19:07

Thunderbolt dock will be matching up to support your Latitude and XPS.  However, you will need displayport to vga adapter cables to connect to your planned E1916V monitors.  With added cost, you may consider to spend a little more to bring your monitor setup more modern and matching with other devices.

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