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May 22nd, 2024 10:56

Overheating problem in Inspiron 15 5570

Inspiron 5570

Inspiron 5570

Hi there
As I am typing this the processor temperature has been oscillating between 80 & 95°C (water boils around 100°C) which is clearly too high, with the fan loudly running. I at times like NOW have 2, 3 Firefox tabs & 1 MS Edge, with 2 video streams + Thunderbird open, and before the temperatures used to be mostly below 80°C (in the 50s, 60s & 70s).
I know with some applications, the temps come up but my concern is that tey are constantly too high.

The Notebook has 8GB RAM and I created some extra VM on a portion of the SSD drive so as Speccy shows with a total of 26GB.

The notebook has all available Windows Updates + all shown in SupportAssistant installed. Under Startups, almost all programs there disabled, with only MS Edge + a download manager showing "high" impact.
There is no malware on the PC.

What can I do to lower the temperature and keep it at least 10° degrees below the current values, with these specific applications running?
Beside this, is it possible to increase the VM beyond what I have done on the SSD? I currently cannot add a RAM module.

Thank you in advance

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May 22nd, 2024 11:25

If the system has never been internally cleaned and had the thermal pads replaced, that's long overdue  and the place to start.
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