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14-11-2022 06:00 AM

Dell 5420 i7/i5 (Ice Lake) Audio & USB-Hub issues

Latitude 5420

Latitude 5420

A few minor things I've noticed and wanted to post incase anyone has similar issues.


I am on 21H1 and have recent updates:

KB5019959, KB5020687, KB5018410, KB5017308



1) latest audio driver (Realtek Semiconductor Corp., 6.0.9363.1, 2022-06-07) or a recent windows update is total junk

You MUST disable: "Enable Audio Enhancements" in order to use the soundcard.

This is true for both the onboard speakers as well as external USB soundcards. I find it ridiculous that I have to disable an 'enhancement' every time I go to use a new soundcard output. Thankfully it is a one time fix.

I have a fleet of these laptops and all of them recently had their audio stop working. I discovered this fix only after I had already ordered a new soundcard for one of them and tested it with the same issue. So I knew it was a driver issue not a hardware issue.



2) Dell DA310u has glaring issues.

  • My Logitech G502 when plugged into the hub will regularly stutter.
  • The laptop reports "Slow charger" I am using a standard 65w charger.

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15-11-2022 13:00 PM

We are having issues with the 5x20 and 5x30's as well with the audio driver.

Do you install Dell Optimizer at all on these?  


Did you see there is a new audio driver for the 5x20? You can put it on the 5x30 as well, just not out yet for it 


Have you tried to disable these yet? 



16-11-2022 12:00 PM

No Optimizer.

That driver must have been pushed to Command Update recently as checking updates was the first thing that I did.

Edit: Confirmed; new driver DOES NOT FIX the issue.

Enhancements and Intel Smart Sound Technology are not the same thing, I did not know of Intel SST until now.

I am installing the Realtek audio update as I write this. I will update once I check if it worked.

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18-11-2022 10:00 AM

OK. I have one user I am trying the Optimizer on first. The driver was the one from around August.