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November 29th, 2023 05:09

Latitude 7520 BIOS 1.30.1 BSOD

Latitude 7520

Latitude 7520

After installing 1.30.1 on my Latitude 7520, I experienced 3 BSODs (1 per day).  The first 2 were

HYPERVISOR_ERROR (20001)The hypervisor has encountered a fatal error.

occurring in 2 different modules. The third was a watchdog timer BSOD.  I backed off to 1.28.0 which is what it was before and no BSODs (and there were none until upgrading to 1.30.1). I recommend staying away from 1.30.1 and skip to the next BIOS release when available. I am running Windows 11 Enterprise 23H2 upgraded via feature updates from OEM Windows 10 so still Dell's OEM OS.

Update after 1 week: zero BSODs since rolling back to 1.28.0. Dell was notified via chat when originally posted. Waiting for next BIOS update.

Update after 2 weeks: 1 Watchdog BSOD on 1.28.0. Upgraded Intel Xe Graphics driver to latest from Intel (was latest from Dell). Reupdated BIOS to 1.30.1. No BSODs, so far. Also, the current driver from Dell would cause the screen to flash after login one time (almost like it was being reset). The current driver from Intel does not have this idiosyncrasy. The BSOD source may have been the display driver from Dell.

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