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April 25th, 2023 15:00

TLP in MX linux 21.3 on a Dell XPS 13 (9310)?

It looks like TLP does not control the battery charging on my Dell XPS 13 (9310), which is running MX linux 21.3.  When I type:

sudo tlp-stat -b

I get, among other things:

+++ Battery Care
Plugin: generic
Supported features: none available

 It does report the amount of charge and the temperature, though.  Dell does not appear in the list of supported hardware on the TLP site.  Is TLP ignoring my laptop because it is Dell?  Can I get it to control the charging if my battery?


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July 30th, 2023 19:00

I have similar problem. I've been working for days to solve this problem. I believe that DELL does not release battery management commands to the public and it is difficult to optimize their products. I'm crazy to get out of DELL products. I already put the notebook up for sale, I can't live like this anymore. It's a terrible and ridiculous ecosystem.

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