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September 25th, 2023 12:41

XPS 15 9530 Ubuntu compatibility


I would like to buy an XPS 15 9530, and I want to know if it's possible to install ubuntu 22.04 on it without having trouble with hardware incompatibilities.

configuration :

- i9-13900H

- NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070

- 32 Go DDR5

Thank you

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September 25th, 2023 13:33

This post on the AskUbuntu page should answer your questions.

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September 25th, 2023 13:46

Hello @JOcean ,

The post you mentioned is old and I'm worried about the new config (i9-13900H, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 and touchscreen) with Ubuntu 22.04

Thank you in advance

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September 25th, 2023 19:06

Since Dell supports only Windows 11 on this model, you're on your own with Ubuntu -- you really need to consult the Ubuntu community.

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November 6th, 2023 19:02

Hi, it's been quite a while since you asked this question, so I don't know if my post will be of any help. I bought this computer and dual-booted Ubuntu 23.10. Everything works fine except the sound. The woofers are not recognized by Ubuntu; I have done a lot of research on this and have not been able to solve this problem. I even contacted Dell but, as @JOcean mentioned, they do not support Ubuntu on this particular model and did not offer me any help.

I hope this information is useful to you.

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November 25th, 2023 06:21


Unfortunately I can confirm the issue with the sound. Subwoofers does not work, they are not recognized by the system. It causes the sound is very poor quality, unusable. I love XPS series but I need Linux for work and if I would know about the issue earlier, probably I could go with MacBook. 

Dell, this is not something not doable, please fix it.


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November 25th, 2023 10:05



Hi, I would also like to buy the XPS 15 with i9 but I am very afraid of poor Linux compatibility. 

Which Linux distros and kernel do you use? I read that someone installed the latest Fedora version and was able to fix the sound problem with a current Linux kernel. I would of course be very interested to know if anyone can confirm this... 

Can I ask if you have had any other problems with Linux apart from the sound? 

Thanks and best regards 


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December 1st, 2023 16:05

Recently dual-booted an xps 15 9530 with windows 11 and ubuntu 23.04

2 issues 

1 - Sound is horrendous. Really bad. Its kinda ridiculous having a system like this with the sound this bad. 

2 - I had an issue with the boot/EFI partition. It was set to 100MB which by all accounts is normally fine but there were Micorsoft, Ubuntu, and Dell folders on it that came close to the 100MB which made updating the firmware an issue.  

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December 9th, 2023 15:47

Same problems with the bass-sound on Ubuntu 22.04.

@Dell please help, I don't want WINDOWS :)

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December 16th, 2023 17:12

you will definitely have audio and mic related issues. You can find many posts about that, one of them is I installed Linux Mint and Ubuntu and had microphone issue and terrible audio quality there are just tweeters worked and I tried everything from kernel patching to installing pulse audio, alsa mixer and many other tools but no success. The issue related to Realtek drivers. Two tweeters connected directly to Realtek audio codec and two woofers (down facing, provide most of the volume) connected to same codec to same channel via an amplifier and that causes the issues. More info you can find here:


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January 18th, 2024 10:10

@craicerjack​  Hi, any problem with the battery last? .

In may case (xps 15-9530 i7 13700H, 64GB, RTX-450, dual boot) the battery is exhausted only after two hours using Ubuntu (22.04 in save energy mode).

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March 15th, 2024 09:11

@sergicuen​ I have the exact same laptop running Ubuntu 23.10. I can work on it 5 to 6h in power save mode, applying powertop tunables, disabled bluetooth and a not-to-bright screen.
It seems lame, but in fact it's comfortable, reactivity in power save mode is just a little bit affected.
For the record, I also run a couple of containers (22), a debian VM (also with 22 VM), 3 PyCharm editors, slack, whatsapp.

Of course build time are slower, but eh if I need performance, I just plug it and it's back to full speed.

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