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July 18th, 2023 02:00

Courses & resources for network OS deployment

Hi folks, 


Here are a number of resources for anyone interested in SONiC or OS10 deployment options


  • Enterprise SONiC Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) service Overview


  • SONiC deployment & ZTP is covered within the Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies Implementation and Administration course
    • ILT Course Code: ESNETS04306


  • OS10 Zero Touch Deployment Overview


  • OS10 deployment & ZTD is briefly covered within the Dell Networking Associate Concepts & Features v2 (Proven Professional Certification course)
    • ILT Course Code: ESNETS03879
    • OnDemand Course Code: ESNETD03880


To access the course, visit the education store and search for course code: ESNETS03879 or ESNETS04306



Kind Regards,



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July 21st, 2023 07:00

Hi Barry, 

Thank you so much for sharing the resources. 

I've been looking for some good resources on SONiC, and these are perfect.

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