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November 24th, 2023 18:07

Dell S3048 Switch and Sticky Mac after reboot

We powered down a S3048 switch for a couple days that had learning limit and Sticky MAC enabled. When it came up no Ethernet LEDs show connectivity. We performed a Shutdown and no shutdown on all the ports no help, we performed a learning-limit reset no help, on one port we cleared the Mac-Address-Table and then performed a learning limit reset no help, when we run sh mac learning-limit violate-action it shows all ports status normal. Also the ports show Link is Upline protocol is down. We have not disabled sticky MAC or learning limit. Assume mac-address-table disable-learning would do that? Would sticky MAC cause this or does this boil down to a connectivity or configuration problem? Does Sticky MAC or a learning limit violation cause the port LEDs to not show green or yellow? Have no experience with Sticky MAC and learning limits and very little with Dell switches. We are on OS 9 and I cannot upload any info from the switch. Any advice and help is appreciated. 



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November 27th, 2023 06:24

Hello thanks for choosing Dell.


First of all , if you would like to enable port-security which must be enabled on global mode before configuring interface.

If the you would like to remove or disable port-security on interface level, the command below is to be executed:


DellEMC(conf)#default interface tengigabitethernet 1/1


If you would like to enable port-security on interface level, the command below is to be executed as below


DellEMC(conf)#mac port-security


Then the interface level configuration need to be configured as below


DellEMC(conf)#default interface tengigabitethernet 1/1

DellEMC(conf-if-range-te-1/48)#mac learning-limit 2 ?

dynamic                 Allows aging of macs eventhough learning-limit is configured

no-station-move         station-move is not allowed on learnt macs (default)

station-move            station-move is allowed on learnt macs

sticky                  Allows to configure sticky mac feature along with learning-limit


Hope this helps.

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November 27th, 2023 19:13

@DELL-Young E​ Thanks for the help. Will any idea if the port LEDs will be lights out if port security is tripped? Really wondering if we have a bad switch at this point? Performed a default interface Gi 1/1 port number and the status of the single port didn't change and no LEDs on the port on the switch. The switch still has port up / line protocol down. 




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27-11-2023 09:45 PM

Hello colomoose.


Could you let us know the version OS9 you are on?


Also could you post a #show running-configuration?


You have probably checked this already but I'll ask; Have you tried reseating the cables after being down a couple of days?


You can have it shutdown a port depending on configuration:

Learning Limit Violation Actions

To configure the system to take an action when the MAC learning limit is reached on an interface and a new address is received

using one the following options with the mac learning-limit command, use the following commands.

● Generate a system log message when the MAC learning limit is exceeded.


learn-limit-violation log

● Shut down the interface and generate a system log message when the MAC learning limit is exceeded.


learn-limit-violation shutdown


Page 430 :



This thread is similar you may like to take a look:

S4048 - TenGigabitEthernet 1/17 is up, line protocol is down

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