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July 29th, 2022 18:00

Dell Community Platform

Whomever pushed out this platform disaster should be looking for a new job.

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July 30th, 2022 04:00

There's something wrong with it?

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July 30th, 2022 15:00

Could someone from Dell please confirm they are aware of a serious problem with the CSS style sheet currently being used for the Dell Commuity Platform (at least for those of us that aren't Forum Moderators or TechExperts) since 29-Jul-2022. I'm not sure if Vanadiel is joking or if they actually can't see that all the buttons are missing, images are oversized and all text is centered. It took me 15 min just to figure out how to log in.

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August 4th, 2022 05:00

Hi ProfessorW00d:

Community Manager @Dell-BradL posted yesterday (03-Aug-2022) in deejinoz's DCF Pages Rendering Failures Across Multiple Systems and Browsers that "There was an update earlier that should fix the layout...". When I checked last night the Dell Community web pages were displayed correctly in my Firefox and MS Edge browsers and I was finally able to post a reply without too much difficulty, although it did take a few tries before I was able to upload and insert a .png image from my local hard drive into my reply.

I have no idea why recent problems with formatting of Dell Community pages has only affected certain users. Even Dell-BradL noted <here> that page formatting looked normal on their work computer and couldn't reproduce the problem until 02-Aug-2022 when they browsed to the Dell Community from their home computer.

I agree with your comments in your original post. The software developers clearly need to do a better job of testing changes to the CSS style sheets before they go live on the Community's production servers. Affected users couldn't use this forum for six straight days, and that can be a huge problem if your service warranty has expired (and DELL-Cares flat out refuses to provide support, even if SupportAssist or some other buggy Dell software is causing a problem) and you need to post in the Dell Community to request assistance.
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