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September 1st, 2023 17:12

How to View Most Recent Posts? Forums essentially read only for me

My posts are disappearing into nowhere.  I guess I may have been regulated to read only access.  Which may be best.  

All data from my previous account has vanished.  Post history, pms, etc.  So I created a new account in order to be able to post.  Is anyone else having such issues?  Also, how do I change view from "highly active posts"?  Or is the "highly active posts" only a link to that view?  

Please move post to most appropriate forum, as I was having trouble finding a forum for 'help with the new forum software that I don't know how to use apparently."

Thank you.

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September 1st, 2023 18:54

There have been issues with accounts and missing posts since the recent forum update. @Dell-Brad L or @DELL-Chris M will have to look into this for you. They'll contact you to ask about your prior user name etc so look for the DM message indicator to be blinking...

Everyone's PMs (now called DMs) were all removed during the update, and they won't be recovered.

On a forum landing page, eg here,  click the v arrow in the box where it says Activity, and select the order you prefer, and then click the arrow box to change from oldest to newest first (shortest horizontal at top means newest first).

Then click your user avatar in right corner of a forum page and select Settings. Click Notifications&Preferences tab. Scroll all the way down and set your sort preferences at the bottom, so your when you log in, your settings will be automatically set.



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September 1st, 2023 19:06

And more thing, "Highly Active Topics" is separate from your preferred sort order, but just happens to be on the same line with the options to set sort order...

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