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February 26th, 2024 04:57

Dell R610 RAID5 SAS Disk upgrade

I have a Dell R610 with RAID5 configured with one virtual drive using all available disks. I have (4) physical disks in this virtual drive, but they are small and I want to replace them with larger disks. My goal is to replace each drive with larger drives and my hope is to not lose data. I am running a Linux Server OS and I can update the OS to use all available drive space once the physical upgrade is complete. Is there a way I can swap these drives with larger drives one by one and have the data written to each drive as I go? Are there any best practice recommendations? 



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February 26th, 2024 09:58

Hi, there is no official method to expand the virtual disk.
The safest and fastest way is to backup the data and recreate the virtual disk with the larger disks.
Another method is to replace the disks one by one and wait for the rebuild and then find yourself with all the larger disks. For this method, however, it is recommended to make a backup before proceeding with operations.
I hope this will help.


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