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September 21st, 2023 12:02

Disk 6 in Dell PowerEdge R900 server always fails.

I'm running into an issue with drive bay 6,  and I'm starting to notice a pattern with it.  This year alone I've had three failed sas drives happen on this server in the exact same spot. The sas drives are the correct drives (learned this the hard way) and after going through the event viewer I can see error id's : 2273, 2350 and 2048. 

I'm not understanding how its just this disk bay that always fails. I placed a new sas drive in on Sept 18th and its the 21st now and its already predicted to fail in OMSA. 

When the drive is replaced and begins to rebuild it will eventually be green lit with an online status. Maybe a day or two later the "Predicted to Fail" message pops up in OMSA and errors start popping up.

I'm not sure how exactly to investigate further in what keeps making this drive fail within weeks or days of being replaced.

Would anyone have any advice about this odd occurrence ?

Thank you so much



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September 21st, 2023 16:57



I would start with verifying the server is up to date on the BIOS, IDrac, Raid controller, as well as the drives. After that then I would run a Consistency Check on the Virtual Disk to see if anything is reported. Lastly, if needed, we may need to take a look at the controller log to see if there is the possibility of a punctured stripe. 


Let me know what you see. 


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