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November 4th, 2023 08:48

Issue with Poweredge 2950 III SAS Raid Card

Hi, so i know the 2950 is pretty old and support is unlikely, but i recently noticed that on bays 0, 1 and 2 both led's are green and stable like normal, but on bays 3, 4, and 5 the bottom activity led stays off, but my raid drive still shows up fine and works. So i decided to try and check the raid config to see if there were any disk errors in there, and i set it up like 6 years ago so i don't even remember what's all in there, but the server locks up at this point after pressing Ctrl-R. (I included a picture) It never loads, i left it for 30 minutes and it still was stuck, and i did the num lock and caps lock test and they both were stuck in their previous states so i hit the power button to reboot. And tried it again but still nothing, so one more reboot and into windows, and after 5 minutes the machine locks up again, and reboots itself, with a warning requiring me to press f1 to continue boot, or f2 for setup. And now the display on the front is lit up orange with the text reading: PowerEdge 2950 E1422 CPU Machine Chk E171F PCIE Fatal Err B0 D0 F0 E1422 CPU Machine Chk. And then it starts again from the beginning. I would like to also add I have entered into setup fine, and i can hit Ctrl-E and get to the logs, but all that was in there was that the raid battery was bad, and then the next one said it was good, and basically the same cpu error, i didn't take pictures or notes of what they were exactly but i can get those if needed. and lastly when i try to enter utility mode it also freezes, but it restarts itself on its own after about 5 minutes. This is a gen 3 board, with bios 2.70 i believe. And the sas card is PERC6i SAS RAID Controller, 2x4 Connectors, Int, PCIe, 256MB cache, x6 Bkpl.
If anyone has any ideas of what to do, i would appreciate it, I'm honestly worried that it's just so old that basically everything is starting to give up the ghost, and that it's not really fixable :/



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November 6th, 2023 00:48

Hello, thanks for choosing Dell.


Could we try “minimum to post”?


Dell - PowerEdge 2950 (London) - Minimum to POST
System board
Processor (with heatsink) in socket 1
Two sticks of memory in memory slots 1 and 2
1 power supply
Control panel (to turn on system)
Both PCI risers; PCI-e in center slot, (PCI-e or PCI-X) in left slot



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