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February 5th, 2021 01:00

PowerMax Code Upgrade: Reboot?

Hi Team,

We do have few NetApp FAS storage and it requires controller takeover & giveback during ONTAP upgrade.
Is it the same case with PowerMax storage? will directors requires reboot (one by one) for any firmware / code update?



Dhakshinamoorthy Balasubramanian

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July 20th, 2021 10:00

The powermax is different from FAS. There is no failover or failback.So, you will not see the path degradation messages on the hosts.
The directors wont require any reboots. This is NDU.

If you are using ENAS, that is disruptive . However you can opt for manual or automatic reboots.




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February 5th, 2021 12:00

Hello Dhakshinamoorthy,

When upgrading the code on a powermax system, there is a procedure that is generated for doing the upgrade.  You will need to reboot your system and that is listed in the procedure that is created when doing your upgrade.

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