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August 3rd, 2023 18:00

Setup Poweredge R620 Server without harddisk and connected with Powervault MD1220

Hi everyone, 

I got stuck to setup a windows 2019 for Can you please help me to setup a windows server 2019 for specific server with specification as below:

Dell poweredge R620 Rack Server with no hard disk 

Powervault MD 1220 - Direct attached storage box ( 12 SAS hard disks 900GB)  

I connected them to each other right but I still got stuck to setup raid ( Server detected no physical hard disk drive to setup RAID)

I updated newest firmware of bios

Built a bootable windows server 2019 setup usb. 

Boot to controller life cycle to setup raid but always got an error. Jump to directly OS deploy, -> still got an error. 



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August 3rd, 2023 23:00

Hi, I don't know which PERC RAID controller you have but first came to my mind it could be related with PERC.  Supported controllers

Please check your RAID controller. Also I'm adding a useful guide here

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