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July 6th, 2017 04:00

EMCIE Unity Certification Exam Review

Hi, Guys

I have Planned to take the exam soon, so was hoping if anyone has taken the examination. Could anyone to get me heads up info regarding updated questions and question Coverage, So that to finalize my preparation for the overall exam. To finalize this if possible point out any study resources outside of the DellEmc partner portal and exam oriented perception resources.


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July 10th, 2017 11:00

Hello Antex11642, please note that  use of materials obtained from “cheat sites” is a violation of the Dell EMC exam security policy.  Dell EMC takes exam security very seriously; Section 7.2 of the Dell EMC Proven Professional Policies and Guidelines details appropriate vs. inappropriate study materials and this post provides more information regarding the measures Dell EMC takes to ensure the integrity of our exams.  Obtaining materials from "exam dump" or “cheat sites” can put your certification at risk.

You can find the list Dell EMC recommended curriculum and a link to the online practice test on this page: Dell EMC Proven Professional: Certification Exams and Practice Tests. If you have questions about concepts or questions from the course or Practice Test, you can ask those questions here in the community, where other Proven Professionals and Dell EMC Subject Matter Experts will answer. Taking the practice test will help gauge your readiness to sit for the exam and identify potential areas requiring further study.

Best of luck!

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