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February 3rd, 2015 04:00

Mirrorview / ClusterEnabler setup issues

We are trying to setup a MS-Windows cluster with Mirrorview / Clusterenabler.


Two windowsboxes, 2012.

Two VNX7500 arrays.

The Arrays are installed in separated DC's within metro distance, (mirrorview/s user for other purposes), and the windowsboxes are installed in each DC.

Installed EMC software:

UnisphereAgent: 7.33

powerpath 5.7SP4

Mirrorview/ce 4.1.4

Solutionsenabler 8.0.1

Both hosts can login to the arrays

Two LUNs are attached to one of the boxes (the one we try to run the wizard on) and the mirrors are in sync.

But when we run the Wizard in CluterEnabler - Configure CE Cluster, we get stuck at the storage Discovery: see pic.


What can we have missed?

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