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November 29th, 2014 02:00

Using Mirrorview/S for file & VNX replicator together ....

Dear Team ,

I have customer who has millions & millions of files (average size 35 KB Images ) on a VNX file .

i am trying to design a solution as the following :

1. 2 x unified VNX boxes in Primary & 1 Unified VNX box in DR

2. Primary Replication : Primary boxes will be using Mirrorview synchronous for file  to provide real time replication for files .

3. Secondary replication : Target Lun of Mirrorview/S will be replicated using VNX replicator to DR site using async.

I am aware that mirrorview & replicator can exist on source luns and operate independently .

But is it possible to create targer lun of Mirror view Sync for file as Source lun for VNX replicator .. And if it is what the other things i need to consider .

Look forward for your help an support !!!!

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