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October 7th, 2014 08:00

Looking for someone who recently took MR-7VP-VNXUNITA training course

I'm preparing for the Technology Architect's test and I was wondering is this helpful.  VNX Unified Storage Infrastructure Solutions - Video ILT, MR-7VP-VNXUNITA. I've taken the basic courses and they had some information but not the specific information I was looking for. I've taken the test once and wasn't prepared from taking the first basic courses.  I'm wondering how much more information you get from this course.  Specifically regarding AVM as it relates to the E20-545 test.

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October 7th, 2014 09:00

Yes, I have taken the 6 e-learning modules that you listed.  I have also taken the practice test and the Pearson Vue exam.  I then went back to the 6 training modules to find information that I missed on the exam and I didn't see anything related to some of the questions.  This is why I am being cautious before I ask my employer to pay for the Video ILT training.  I'm trying to find out how in-depth it goes related to the exam.



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October 7th, 2014 09:00

When you say "basic courses" do you mean the e-Learning courses? The recommended training for the E20-545 includes 6 e-Learning titles:

  • VNX Fundamentals
  • VNX Local Protection Suite Fundamentals
  • VNX Remote Protection Suite Fundamentals
  • VNX Application Protection Suite Fundamentals
  • VNX FAST Suite Fundamentals
  • VNX Security and Compliance Suite Fundamentals

It also includes the VNX Unified Storage Infrastructure Solutions course that you mention in your original post. You can find the full list of recommended training and what is covered on the exam in the exam description here: E20-545 VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Technology Architects.

Have you taken the Practice Test for the exam? That will help you gauge your knowledge before you go and sit for the exam. You can find the Practice Test here: EMC Proven Professional: Certification Exams and Practice Tests.

October 9th, 2014 20:00

I can't really say that I've taken it recently, but I did take VNXTA in 2012 (v7.0) only using the VILT.

If you're looking to achieve the VNXTA certification, you will need to take two exams:

E20-545 - VNX Solutions Specialist

E20-324 - VNX Solutions Design

The VILT was a DVD back then, but it did include the necessary information to get you through both exams.  The only thing about it is that you kind of have to dig through the Student Guide (ppt + text) to find a lot of the answers. 

The E20-545 is the easier of the two exams.  It's just more in depth about the features of the VNX and how you would use them. 

The E20-324 is much more challenging.  This is a design exam, so there are a lot of scenario-style questions.  If you don't have a background in storage design, this can be a little overwhelming.  Here would be an example question (paraphrased from memory):

A VNX system that does 90K IOPS with a 4:1 R/W ratio is replicating to a second VNX system.  The replication was broken for 30 minutes.  How much network bandwidth would be required to resynchronize to the target within 2 hours?

The VILT will prepare just fine for the exam.  I've used the VILTs only (coupled with some experience) to get the VNXIE and VNXTA.  It does require more out of you I think, since you have to comb through the guide to get the answers to the more challenging questions.

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October 10th, 2014 05:00

Thanks for the information.  I just started taking the VILT and I see that I am going to have to dig through a lot of information.  Thanks for the example question that is exactly what I am running into.  I can figure out those type of questions if can find the formulas to plug the numbers into.  Good stuff!

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