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April 19th, 2011 19:00

Pro and Con for configuring RAID 5 and 1/0 over multiple DAE on CX4-480

I have a question regarding configuring RAID 5 and 1/0 over multiple DAE's.  Which gives better performance for databases, i.e. Oracle and SQL, RAID 5 and\or 1/0 on the same DAE or configuring them over multiple DAE for better performance.

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April 25th, 2011 03:00

The selection of RAID 5 vs RAID 1/0 depends on the access pattern of the database. If the access pattern is 80% read and 20 % write (or lower write percentage) RAID 5 is good, and if it is 60% read and 40 % write (or HIGHER write percentage) RAID 1/0 is good. Database logs will be default on RAID1/0. RAID 1/0 it is recommended to have it spread across DAE to survive DAE failure. Having RAID 5 or 1/0 configured on same DAE or multiple DAE’s have insignificant difference on performance.

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April 27th, 2011 05:00


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