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September 6th, 2021 09:00

Tech Exchange Live: Modern Cloud-Native Applications

Modern Cloud-Native Applications

Organizations need the flexibility to run their applications in ways that best align with their business requirements. Virtualization fundamentally shifted how this flexibility was achieved, and virtualized infrastructure ​quickly became a standard feature of enterprise data centers. Today, cloud-native architectures and containerized workloads orchestrated by  Kubernetes have become the next evolution in application infrastructures.​ 

​Join our subject matter expert Sergey Schindler in this live session to explore:​ 

  • ​principles of modern cloud-native application architecture and development in the cloud or hybrid cloud​ 
  • how infrastructure platforms integrate with Kubernetes to optimize performance, resilience, capacity, and scalability ​ of cloud-native applications
  • Kubernetes as a set of development and operational tools​ to incorporate DevOps practices for the modern-day application development process  
  • use cases, scenarios, exclusive resources, and more 

Register today for live learning or Tech Exchange OnDemand.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn in a technology-driven world.

Register here:

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