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February 19th, 2024 16:26

SupportAssist for Business PCs - Prerequisite is EOL in 9 Months!

Is Dell currently working on a major update/upgrade for SupportAssist for Business PCs?

The documentation states that .NET Desktop 6.0 is a prerequisite for the software and that .NET 7.0 is not supported.  No mention is made of .NET 8.0 or .NET 9.0

However, .NET 6.0 becomes END OF LIFE in November 2024.

Is the update already in the works? There's only 9 months left before that deadline.

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February 20th, 2024 16:42

Hi brachus:

We likely won't know until .NET Desktop 6.0 is closer to reaching end of support on 12-Nov-2024.

All I know is that Dell has a past history of releasing new SupportAssist for Home PCs versions that require an unsupported .NET Runtime.  For example, my 01-Sep-2022 post in Playkid's SupportAssist Not Updating states in part:

"... I have no idea why Dell would release a SupportAssist v3.11.4.29 installer on 23-Jun-2022 that requires a .NET (Core) Runtime v5.x, since the download page at notes that .NET (Core) Runtime v5.0.17 reached end of support on 10-May-2022 and will not receive further security updates..."

In that instance, users had to use SupportAssist v3.x with an unsupported .NET Runtime v5.0.17 for 5 months before Dell finally released SupportAssist v3.12.3.5 on 11-Oct-2022 that was compatible with .NET Runtime v6.0.x.


ASIDE: I might be wrong, but as far as I know this SupportAssist for PCs forum board is intended for home consumers.  SupportAssist for Business PCs used to have a separate board in this forum at but that link hasn't been valid since Dell changed the software provider for this Dell community to Sprinklr in August 2023.  Perhaps @DELL-Chris M or one of the other Dell employees can tell you where questions about SupportAssist for Business PCs should be posted now.
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February 20th, 2024 17:06

SupportAssist for Business (Enterprise) ended and was replaced by Secure Connect Gateway.

The Secure Connect Gateway 5.0 technology/ FAQs

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