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April 21st, 2024 16:01

SupportAssist won't scan

SupportAssit will not do any type of scan. I get a notice that a scan is already in progress. I have rebboted, uninstalled and reinstalled the program but it still gives me the same error.

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April 22nd, 2024 13:37

Yeah, same issue. I don't know which is worse, Dell or Windows for asking me to reboot. Has no progress been made in the last decade since I used windows? The support assist App was working, then it stopped and after reinstalling, the app version is different, seems older. The lack of error reporting is pathetic, just says reboot and try again. Also, the help guidance where it says make sure it's not being blocked by the Firewall fails to state whether the Support Assist app needed an exception through the firewall in the first place, when it was working. If these so-called computer technicians would think about the hoops they make people jump through, they just might stop wasting our time and do their job themselves. Presumably the app reports errors back to Dell, so what's going on? Many people have this issue.


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