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January 2nd, 2023 13:00

Windows 11 password and PIN

Inspiron 3910

Inspiron 3910

I think this is true, but hope it's not and want to make sure. I'm now using Windows 11 (not by choice) and can't use my new Dell Inspiron 3910 (nice machine) WITHOUT entering a Microsoft account password or PIN. That is, I cannot simply turn on my own personal computer, fully paid for, in my own home without proving to the operating system that I have a Microsoft account password of some sort. I don't care who in the house uses the machine, and I'm not at all worried about file security--I am, however, irritated by not being able to just get to work without the hassle of creating/maintaining a PIN or password (which, of course, are written down next to computer just like they are next to millions of other computers). Thanks very much if anyone knows if I can simply push the on/off button and get to work.

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January 3rd, 2023 06:00

What you want is to login to Windows 11 with a Local Account rather than a Microsoft Account.

There are a few ways to enable use of a Local Account with Win11. This article details two methods, one involving a clean install via Rufus and one via converting your current installation to use of Local Account.

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January 3rd, 2023 11:00

Thanks filbert -- the key for me (to drop the PIN/password 'annoyance') was to:

Open Settings, go to Accounts, click Your info, click Sign in with a local account instead and then pick a reasonable User name (not the first five letters of my Microsoft account name) and leave the New password and Confirm password boxes blank and going on to Next. All is now working as desired.

THANKS for heading me to the solution.

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