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February 8th, 2016 09:00

HP-UX system not logging in to Symmetrix VMAX 20k

Hello fellow storage engineers,

I have an issue with a HP-UX system (actually 2) that do not log in to a VMAX 20k except for a second. (when viewed with list logins -wwn WWN -v it kept showing last login but they couldnt stay logged in as Logged in was No)

Thing is I have made the zoning, even rechanged it, switched VMAX FA ports, still nothing. (this is for the 1st server with issues)

2nd server had the SAME problem.

IG flags: V enabled (its disabled on the FA) and Disabled the D flag on ig.

Created storage and views with a port group with ports lets say an example 5e:1,6e:1,11e:1,12e:1

After this the hosts didnt log in (they didnt log in from the first place but i've created the whole system anyway).

What fixed the issue?

Added in the zoning 2 more ports on each fabric, for example zoneadd "zone", "vmax_fa_7g1; vmax_fa_9g1" (this on red and 8g1 and 10g1 on blue)

THEN, after enabling the config the hosts LOGGED in but ON THE FIRST PORTS (yea wtf?!) meaning: when I list logins I see ports logged in to 5e:1,6e:1,11e:1,12e:1 and not logged in to newly added ports.

Also, on OS level, team identifies logoff/logon messages everytime when doing ioscan.

Question: Is there ANY particular port to use with HP-UX? Why didnt the 1st system work like this when I changed zoning? Why did the old ports suddenly start working?

Please enlighten me if you know an answer because I spent 3 days on this topic without any result.

Best regards,


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February 15th, 2016 07:00

HP-UX logs in and out on every I/O.  It does not stay logged in like other O/S's.

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February 15th, 2016 23:00

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your answer.

But, how can it log in and out on every I/O if they dont see the disks?



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February 16th, 2016 05:00

For that you should really open a case with EMC and troubleshoot it with them.

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